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Enlightenment Computer Consulting
Enlightenment Computer Consulting


Enlightenment Computer Consulting will show you patiently how to use your computer and your Network to be more productive.
Training is provided in a group or on individual basis at your location, and is personally customized to your needs based on your knowledge and requirements.
Our professional instructors also provide excellent training on Microsoft Office to meet the need of your business in a timely manner.
Are you at Peace and Comfortable with your computer?
Enlightenment Computer Consulting works with you on your computer, using your software. You control the mouse and keyboard as we cover the questions
that you want answered
We provide training on any Operating Systems: Any version of Windows and Mac
Hands on Training includes:
File and Folders management
Word Processing Software
PowerPoint Presentation Software
Access Database/Customer Records Software
Excel Spreadsheet/Invoicing Software
Publisher Desktop Publishing/Graphics Software
Outlook E-Mail/Calendar/Scheduling Software
Microsoft Visio
Internet Online Technology and Browsers
We customize our training based on your needs and on your level of expertise. We won't go too fast for you and we won't bore you by going over things you already know. We teach what you need to know!
We've met a lot of people who have struggled through a computer
class and have come away feeling like they couldn't learn. We make sure the classroom situation is for everyone. Every one learn what they need to learn!
- Computer Basic training

- Hard Drive, Memory, Processor, Ports, etc

- Windows, drives, files, folders, Icons, etc


Technical Training

- Operating System and Application
- Networking and Configuration
- Solving your own problem (can be fun)
- Network, Video Conferencing, and peripherals Installing, Configuration, Upgrading, Troubleshooting of all software and hardware: Operating System, Programs, Personal Computer, Laptop, Server, Wired/Wireless Network, Video Conferencing, and peripherals
In a matter of a few hours of our training you can learn what might take days or even weeks for you to figure out on your own. Just tell us what you would like to learn.
More Fun Training
Audio, Video, photo, drawing, painting, web camera, etc

Organizing files and folders, cards, pictures, music

Internet safety and reliable approach, browsing and searching
Sharing internet, files, and printer between computers
Effective search, email, bookmarks, printing, creating web page
Computer safety, maintenance , updates, and protecting from Virus, and Spam
Web-mail, Outlook, Contacts, and Address books
Computer and Internet Terminology
We read the books for you;
Learn more in less time and understand better Computer Training for Home Users
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