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Enlightenment Computer Consulting
Enlightenment Computer Consulting

Residential Services

Network, Wireless, Hardware (Server/Desktop/Laptop/Mac), Software, Installation, Upgrading, Troubleshooting, Configuration, Repair and Maintenance, Guiding and Training
A computer is a financial investment. You need to maintain that investment to be sure you aren’t throwing your money away.
Performing preventative maintenance on your computer is Essential (checking for viruses, spyware, windows corruption, etc..)
Perhaps you are a beginner and you don't know how to send email or set up your printer. Or maybe you are having trouble with your computer or Internet connection. Maybe you just got a new scanner or digital camera.

Are You Connected to the Internet?

Email and the Internet are useful, exciting, fun, and a source of income . The Internet is an amazing tool. It holds such a wide variety of information on many, many topics.
Enlightenment Computer Consulting work with you to meet your needs
Get your computer up and running again quickly and efficiently
- Setup and configure new systems and hardware and customize them to suit your specific needs.
- Create personalized profiles for each user

- Setup your cable Modem, DSL, optimize all Internet connections to operate at maximum speed.

- Share your Internet connection with other computers in your home or office
- Install, repair, or upgrade your network, wired or wireless
- Perform any necessary preventative and periodic maintenance on your system
- Backup any data on your system or restore data from previous backups
- Repair damage caused by viruses
Additional Services:
Software & Hardware upgrade
Fix Computer Freezes, Crashes
Fix and clean up Error Messages
Cleaning-up hard drive, speed-up your computer
File and Printer sharing
Have your computer recognize a 80 Gig drive
Have your Webmail work with Outlook
Move your Emails, Contacts, and Address Book
Install Critical Patch Updates
We also teach you about your computer and how you can use it as an effective tool or even for fun and entertainment

(714) 654-4573

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